Things To Know Before Buying A Pizzelle Maker

If you want to prepare pizzelle, a good pizzelle maker is what you should consider first. Pizzelles are traditional Christmas cookies made on a hot iron just like waffles. The dough is placed on the heated plates molded in the shape of cookies, after placing the dough the iron is closed. When the steam stops coming from the iron, the iron can be opened, and you will see the golden-brown cookies which should be lifted off and allowed to set and cool. Here you can know few things that you need to keep in mind before buying a pizzelle maker.

There are several types of pizzelle makers available in the market, from the new types with various features like nonstick coated and multiple heat features to basic aluminum ones which might bring you the memories of sitting in your granny’s kitchen. When there are so many varieties available, how to choose the best one?

It is better to buy the best one you can spend money on, whether you make it frequently or occasionally. If you are making on a frequent basis, then excellent quality iron is the best option. If you make pizzelles occasionally, then a reliable iron may end up being the only choice for you.

Before buying a new pizzelle maker, it is useful to see what other users are saying about it by reading online reviews. Not only focus on good points but pay attention to the bad points by the reviewers. There are chances that if many are complaining about the same feature, it will be a problem for you as well.


While reading reviews, focus on a few specific points. For instance, does it maintain a steady temperature? Though variations in temperature will appear while closing and opening the iron, using something with consistent temperature will provide even cooking. Based on such points, you can easily make your decision about pizzelle makers.