Reasons to Spy on Your kid’s Internet Activities

Some parents may feel the need to spy their kid’s Internet Activities for their well-being, but in doing so, are they invading their teen’s privacy? In reality, it is more about their safety rather than privacy.

Here are some of the reasons for every parent to start monitoring their child’s internet activities.

Cyber Bullying

  • When a kid is harassed online, they suffer emotional distress which may lead to trauma, but they never tell their parents.
  • It could also be the other way around; your kid could be bullying someone else. Monitoring can alert you to intervene.


  • Teenagers might think it’s interesting and sexy to send nude pictures of themselves or forward someone else’s thinking it’s funny. Monitoring through espionner whatsapp will let you know what they’re up to.
  • They could also be bullying someone by threatening to leak such said images.

Online Predators

  • The internet is a tool for child predators. They will find and befriend your kid or lure them into other illegal activities by offering money.
  • Your kid can easily fall into such said traps set by these predators. Monitoring will allow you to save them from harm’s way.

Internet Friends

  • These Internet friends could be trying to convince him to do drugs, shoplift or something against the law for fun.
  • It’s high time to find out if your kid is involved in such activities.