Know About Cleaning The Bottles Of Your Baby

Once you are done with searching for Best bottles for breastfed babies , the next thing is understanding how to keep them clean. First of all, wash your hands. You should have clean hands before you touch any bottles. This helps in reducing the bacteria, germs, dirt or anything else getting inside the bottle. Once you are done washing your hands, fill up your sink with hot water and some soap. Hot water is important in this matter as it will make the bottle clean. Once the sink is filled all you need to do is clean the bottle. This includes nipples and bottles and other supplies that come with the bottles.

Wash the bottles and other things with soap and hot water. Ensure to fill up the bottle with this water and clean them properly. Clean in and out everywhere that might hide germs. You can run the bottles under running water to take off the soap. Rinsing will remove soapy water easily. After bottles, start cleaning the nipples. You can use nipple brush to clean the hole. Squeeze the nipple to remove any stuck milk in it. Just like bottles, nipples also should be cleaned thoroughly.

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