Piezoelectric Bimorph And Their Few Applications

Let’s first of all try to understand what piezo bimorph is. Piezoelectric bimorph can be explained like this – it consists of two active layers. It is used for sensing and actuation by using it as a cantilever. Such piezoelectric bimorph may also have some kind of passive layer in between the two layers, which are active.

When this bimorph is used as an actuator, while applying voltage the bimorph can bend and due to that reason one active layer may get contraction while the other one may have expansion.

This type of arrangement can enable to achieve deflection of several Newtons with deflections of few mm of the bimorph. In this way piezoelectric bending actuator can be used as fast reacting and high-performance control element.

There can be several useful applications for piezoelectric bimorph in our day to day life. Following are few most common applications of this piezoelectric bimorph.

  • Smoke detector
  • Alarm
  • Buzzer
  • Keyboard
  • Hard disc drives

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